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Congratulations Class of 2020!


Lukas has been a part of most every ensemble in the West Lafayette Band Program, notably as Drum Major in the WL Marching Band. He would like to thank his parents for their unrelenting sacrifice for his pursuit of music, Mr. Pettit and Mrs. Brooks for helping develop his musical abilities, and his closest friends for being there since day one. Special shoutouts to Mr. Eifler for his marching band leadership, Mrs. Letcher for her patience with the pit orchestra trumpets, and all the past/present graduates that have shaped his high school career. His favorite band memory includes walking on stage for the 2018 State Finals with Erin Kane to receive the band’s 11th place plaque. His message to the band program: in your frustrations and lowest points remember the best of friends and happiest memories that were made through your time in band, and make sure to never let those go. Finally, as per tradition vía Elias Trout and Freddy Zhang, the “carpeted” locker in the back of the band room shall henceforth be passed down to Benjamin Fredette if he so wishes. Lukas would like to thank everyone for the memories, and would like to say one last time: “Band, Dis-missed!”




I am attending Purdue University this fall and will be going into Exploratory Studies. I would like to thank Mrs. Brooks for being a great band director in her first year and for always doing her best to make class something fun. I would like to give a huge thank you to Mr. Pettit, who has been my band director since 5th grade and an amazing role model, and the reason that I stayed in band from 5th grade to senior year. Also, shoutout to Shane Mann and Carter Delworth, 2 band legends who inspired me every day.




I am attending Purdue University and majoring in Sustainable Food and Farming Systems. I would like to say that my time in WL bands has been an amazing opportunity to grow as a person, musician, and student. I would like to thank Mr. Pettit, Mrs. Brooks, and my parents.




I’m Megan Giltmier, and I will be attending Michigan State University to study engineering and environmental policy. I have loved every second of work I’ve put into the West Lafayette band program, whether it be playing Danzon No 2 three times or teaching a dance break I wrote the night before to our marching band. I would like to say thank you to my parents, for supporting me all these years (and funding my expensive music habit), Mr. Knox, for inspiring my love of the oboe, Mrs. Applegate, for always pushing me to be better, Mr. Pettit, for teaching me how to play with emotion, and Mrs. Brooks, for hyping us up every morning at 7:00 am. Lastly, I want to thank everyone who has ever been part of an ensemble with me for embracing me and loving me, just as I am. It’s been a great 6 years with the West Lafayette Bands :).




Erin Kane is planning on attending Purdue in the fall, where she will hopefully decide a major in the upcoming year. She has greatly enjoyed musical activities for the past four years, and will remember the friends she made forever. Her favorite memory of the WLHS band was having nerf gun duels with her friends in the commons at 1:00 a.m. during the all-nighter. She would like to give a shout out to her friends Megan, Lukas, and Addy for always being there to make her laugh. Erin would like to thank her sisters and mother for supporting her and making sure she finished high school strong during these crazy times. She would also like to thank Mr. Pettit and Mrs. Brooks for making the band program such a welcoming environment over the years. Band has been such a wonderful experience for her and she hopes that the band family will continue to grow!




My time in the West Lafayette band program has been one of the most formative times of my scholastic career. I take away lessons from the music program at West Side that far transcend how to hit drums in time or how to arrange for Jazz Big Band. I am very thankful for Mr. Pettit, Mrs. Brooks, and Mr. Eifler for providing an incredible music education which emphasized teamwork, collaboration, and creativity as well as ensemble musicianship. This next fall I will, hopefully, begin study at The Berklee College of Music where I plan to study professional music, which is a degree comprised of elements of jazz composition, performance, and recording. I am very grateful to Mr. Pettit for providing an environment where I could gain the skills necessary to attend such a school. Thank you to Lukas Adams, Megan Giltmier, Erin Kane, and Addy Marshal for being the best friends I could ask for, the Band Parents and Boosters for supporting the Band Program, and most importantly my parents who have schlepped me to more rehearsals, lessons, clinics, and concerts than any parent should have to attend and have put up with hours of practice through the years. 

Thank You West Side Bands. RDP.




I am going to Purdue University and majoring in aviation technology. This was the most enjoyable class I had at school from 5th grade to 12th grade. My favorite memories are getting along with new people in the band to make myself more comfortable. Thank you to all of my classmates in the band for not only being so nice and friendly to me, but also for pushing me to be a great musician. Thank you Mrs. Brooks for being an excellent teacher in your first year. I believe you will be a great band director here for many more years. Thank you Mr. Pettit for caring so much about the band program and making band an unforgettable experience. I feel so grateful to have been part of this band program. 




I'm going to attend Washington University in St. Louis and major in Biology. Participating in the band program has been one of the cornerstones of my high school and West Lafayette experience. My favorite band memory was going to state finals two years in a row. I would like to thank the band directors and my parents for this.





My time in WL Bands has been nothing short of a great experience. For me, getting to make music everyday with great friends and excellent teachers has been an amazing opportunity. I would like to thank Mr. Pettit and Mrs. Brooks for always caring about their students so intentionally and personally. It has become very clear that they are passionate about teaching music and connecting with their students. They have made band about more than just playing instruments.  




Going to attend: Purdue University

Major: Liberal Arts

What I would like to say about my time in WL Band

My time in WL Band has been memorable and exciting. It has been a fun time to be part of the WL Band for almost seven years. I remembered playing my saxophone for the first time with an unpleasant tone, but as I continued I improved so much. I’m glad this year I had an opportunity to play the tenor saxophone, I enjoyed it. Band has been like a family to me, rather than just a class and it will always be a big part of me. 

Favorite Memories:

  • Won Gold at the ISSMA contest 

  • Pep Band days

  • Taped Mr Henady onto the gym wall

  • Watched West Side Story

Thank yous:

  • My family 

  • Mr Petitt

  • Mrs Brooks

  • My friends



I'll be attending UCLA with a major in biochemistry. I enjoyed my eight years in the band. I've been through pep band, marching band, and many concerts and performances, but my favorite memory was trolling Lukas Adams by taking away his chair and making him fall on his butt in front of everyone. I'd like to thank the directors, including all the ones who didn't stay to the end. I'd like to thank all the seniors who decided to stick to band to the end, and I'd like to thank everyone in the wind ensemble for making it an enjoyable ride.


Other 2020 band graduates not pictured:

Thomas Bailey

Riley Gardner

Diane Kwon

James Richards

Edith Schluttenhofer

Logan Smith

Julia Suter



WL Bands COVID-19 Statement


The dates and/or format for concerts and rehearsals may change as the situation changes over the course of the school year. We, the directors, will do our best to disseminate information as quickly as possible when we receive it. We are going to be taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of the students and staff to the best of our ability. These precautions include:

● Giving students time and resources to wipe down their chair prior to starting each class

● Chairs and stands set 6 feet apart in rehearsal spaces

● Splitting large ensembles into smaller groups and using team teaching to cover classes

● Restricting the sharing of band lockers

● Allowing extra time for unpacking and packing up so that students can practice social distancing and not be in a hurry

● Requiring face coverings anytime a student is out of their seat and moving around the room

● Teachers will be wearing face coverings at all times

● No wind instruments will be shared between students

● Shared percussion instruments will be wiped down with sanitizing wipes between each class

● Instruments with a water key will be required to use a disposable cloth to absorb condensation

● We will look into purchasing bell covers for as many instruments as feasable to limit aerosol output

These precautions, as well as any other mandates set forth by the school corporation, will be in place and will continue until further notice.

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