Private Lesson Instructors

Private instruction is the single most important investment you can make in your child's musical education beyond the instrument itself.  Given the very high number of students enrolled in the band program, there is no realistic way that every playing problem can be resolved during the course of a normal band class.  Our program's excellence is in large part due to a high percentage of students studying privately, including over half the Wind Ensemble (the advanced high school band).  Check out the following list of teachers and see if you can work out a schedule!  Fees vary from teacher to teacher, but all on this list charge reasonable fees for their talents.  
PLEASE consider investing in lessons - your child will experience a much higher level of success in band!

(This list is by no means comprehensive; please email Mr. Pettit at and let him know if there are names we should add or if you discover that someone listed here is no longer teaching in the area.)

Maria Bell 765-491-9083,
Harriet Coppoc (not beginners) 765-464-2949
Celeste Edwards 765-448-9808 
Lissa McKinnis 765-464-8208 
Jeanne Wilhelm 214-603-3441

Linda Bennett (Clarinet) 765-463-9843
Elizabeth DeMay 765-474-5057
Stephanie Garner 765-412-2449
Sharron Howard 765-583-4178
Dick Molter 765-429-5856
Beth Purkhiser 765-427-1355
Elizabeth Weger (Sax) 765-430-3416
Danny Weiss 765-743-6487
Kate Wright (Clarinet) 765-421-7306

Jan Applegate 765-463-4337
Keegan Finkbine (bassoon), 812-599-5069,
Lindsey Haehl (oboe) 765-418-8555
JoEllen Lee (oboe) 765-564-4401
Janet Priest (oboe) 765-296-4102
Samantha Wagner (bassoon) 765-269-6449,
Diane Whitacre 219-261-3045

Bruce Knepper (Jeff Bands) 765-471-8442
Doug Koleszar 219-613-8142
Melinda Larson 765-490-3488
Jessica Parthun 765-491-4496
Marilyn Renner 765-532-8613
Shirley Robertson 765-771-6100
Katherine Tackett  765-490-9907,
Kate Teichert 520-400-5107
Dr. Mo Trout (PU Bands) 765-494-9110

Jason Ausban 765-418-1952
Marilyn Renner 765-532-8613
Rebecca Salo 217-722-6618,
Jim Wells
Sharon Weyser 631-804-5618

Low Brass (Trombone, Baritone, Tuba)
Ryan Burnette 765-714-8362
Lynn Colwell 765-430-2171
Miranda Culver (trombone) 574-870-9769
Don Issacs 765-474-6778
Bill Kissinger 765-427-2313
Chuck Kubly 765-413-8995

Mike Dunkle, 617-821-9537
Matt Finger (Jeff Bands)
Larry Guentert 765-464-4929
Brad Harner 765-447-0009,
Dr. Pam Nave (PU Bands) 765-494-3952
Janine Reinhart 765-430-1389