Absence/Tardy Form

This form must be filed for ANY band absence or tardy from a rehearsal or performance outside of the school day. Word of mouth, phone calls, or written out notes are no longer acceptable ways to submit this information. Note that the filing of this form does NOT immediately excuse you from a rehearsal or performance. The band department attendance policy is listed in the handbook, and will be strictly enforced. Once the form is submitted, you can expect to see one of four responses:

APPROVEDYour absence or tardy has been approved as listed.
CONDITIONALLY APPROVEDYour absence or tardy has been approved with the condition that some form of documentation must be provided.
INCOMPLETENot enough information has been provided to make a decision. Resubmit the form with the requested information.
DENIEDYour absence or tardy has been denied.

Please use only one form per student per event.

Fullname must contain only a-z,A-Z characters
Please enter a valid email address.
Please choose your ensemble.
Please enter the date of the event.
Please state a reason.
With most absences and tardies, this form will provide all the information needed to complete the process, and a director will respond fairly quickly. Do not assume your request has been granted until you receive a response from a director. Thank you for filing this form!
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