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What is band?

Performing Music with Instruments: Experience the thrill and reward of achieving your best on stage.

Fun & Friends: Above all, band is fun; we play exciting music and music you recognize.  And you get to experience it with good friends or make new friends!

Trips: Every year WLIS bands take a trip to see a performance and have fun as a celebration for a good year.  We also go to Indiana Beach every summer during Summer Band.  In Junior High we continue annual, local trips, but in High School we take a major trip every two years; usually New York and Disney World!

Teamwork & Leadership Development: Learn to work together and succeed as a team.  There are also many opportunities for students to take up leadership roles in the group.

Academic Boost:  Band is a participation-based class that can help boost your grades in school.  There are also many studies that prove playing an instrument helps young brain development with other areas such as math and reading.


YES! Band meets during the school day.

Band Sign Up Night 2024

Summer Band

Summer band signup is over.